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Business development, marketing and branding for your wellness practice.

Driving Qualified Leads to Your Wellness Practice

If you can dream it, we can build it.

 ShantiSites is a strategically driven web development, internet marketing and wellness consulting firm. We want to midwife your bliss, grow your dreams and manifest your visions. Our goal is to be your partner in co-creating a sustainable business model that serves and inspires you and your community while also energizing and awakening you to your purpose and financial freedom. As a synergistic part of your evolution, we plan, produce and implement innovative strategies to up-level your deepest desires. We are dream catchers, web-developers and wellness gurus ready to catapult your business concept into a thriving entity oozing abundance.

Google and Facebook Ads

Boost lead generation and sales exponentially with our scrupulous sangha of ad specialists. Our experienced team of digital marketing professionals leverages your marketing budget to get you to your goals faster.

Responsive Web Development

We know you want to kill it. We want you to kill it. You need a responsive and professional website. Our veteran team of web developers are experienced in mind-body software integration and cutting edge digital design.

Custom Branding

Your brand is your first impression, your point of connection, your frequency communicator. Perfectly align your look with your truth. All we need is a heart-to-heart conversation and we'll prototype until you're happy. Like, so happy.

Wellness Business Consulting

There's no time to play small. Whether you're well on your way to the practice of your dreams or ground-zero of building your business, we help slice through stagnation with prime time coaching. Start with a free one-on-one clarity session.


The ShantiSites process is our road map to success. We will work with your team every step of the way to make all of your marketing efforts a success, no matter what the scale.

The first step to making any marketing effort successful is doing your homework, which is why we start every project with research and discovery.


Our planning philosophy: have the map before you enter the woods, not after. Using the findings in the research phase, we plug in our discovery into your production process. This is where we create the blueprint and schedule so we can plunge into the production phase with clearly communicated objectives.

Produce & Implement

Hi ho, people. This is where the hustle happens. This is where we get to work.


Measurement is an often overlooked phase in internet marketing. We are not talking about how many hits your website got - but exactly how many of those hits converted to leads? How many times did that lead visit your site before converting? How many email newsletters did they receive? How many did they open? All of this information is crucial in measuring your Return on Investment (ROI).


Working with ShantiSites is an invaluable opportunity to collaborate and co-create with our powerful and unconventional team of wildly focused women .

Mary Evans

Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist

Mary is the brains and the brawn, she spits fire and demands success--we're proud to call her our finance and marketing Sinsei. 

Courtney McNabb

Sr. Project Manager

Courtney is our concept queen. She's the idea doula, certified yoga teacher, and communications expert.

Patricia Smart

Director of Sales

Patricia has a BA in advertising and a sharp eye for creative targeting. She's a relationship builder and a deal sealer.

Brooke Ramsay

Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Brooke is creativity personified: a professional dancer, hula-hooper extraordinaire, artist, and tech diva.


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